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Monday, April 21, 2008

HP EX470 MediaSmart Server $539 w/free shipping, free wireless router or a free extra 500 GB hard drive

EX470 NewEgg recently lowered it's price of the HP MediaSmart Server by $20 to $539. And if that's not enough, they are throwing in free 3 day shipping AND a free wireless router. I don't have much information on the router although some have said that it is either a DLink, Linksys or Netgear G Router (roughly a $39 value). But hey, free is free.

This free router offer is rather well know, but what you may not know is that they have a combo deal that includes (essentially) a free 500GB Western Digital hard drive for a total of 1TB (an $89 value). Here's the trick:

  1. Click on this link to view the Western Digital hard drive 500GB product page.
  2. Near the bottom of the page there will be a combo check box.
  3. Check the checkbox and click Add Item with Selected to add both the 500GB hard drive and the HP EX470 to your cart. 
  4. You should see both products in the cart with a Total Price of $539.

You'll need to hurry because the free router offer ends April 30 and the drive combo offer ends May 4!

*** Update ***

I've updated the post to clarify that you get either the router OR the hard drive. It appears as though NewEgg does not honor free offers when you use a combo. This has yet to be confirmed so you still may get the router. I just don't know for sure. Please let me know if you purchased the combo.
- Donavon

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Digital Davo said...

Sadly newegg won't ship outside the US. No easy cheap WHS for us down under :(

Warren said...

I need more details on this cause I'm a little worried about the router. If you look at the combo deals for the WHS you will see a choice of routers in there that bring the price down to the same thing making them essentially the "free routers" so I'm wondering if you can even combine these two? Neweggs site isn't giving much info at all about it.

Donavon West said...

@Warren - I'm always a little leery about nondescript free stuff. Who knows what the quality will be. Even if NewEgg didn't send me the router, I wouldn't be too bent. $539 is still a great price for the HP EX470 and the 500GB drive. I'll take a Western Digital 500 GB hard drive over a grab bag router any day.

Craig said...

The free 500GB HD ($89 value) is the better deal over the free Linksys router WRT54G ($39 value) - no way to combine them, they are seperate combo offers.

Donavon West said...

@Craig - I clarified the offer as either a free router OR a free 500GB hard drive. Thx.

Kevin said...

The EX470 deal at Costco is better imo. Even though they charge $579 + tax and free ship.

Costco members get lifetime warranty on hardware like this.

If this thing goes bad, takes forever to exchange with HP. All I gotta do is drop off at Costco and get my money back.

Sean said...

Ordered the MediaSmart with this deal last week. Got the server on Friday and (most of) the rest of the order today including the free harddrive and a processor upgrade. (I also ordered new RAM but it either didn't make it into the box or somehow escaped out of it.) No router was included.

Really like the server. It's not absolutely silent (a fair amount of fan noise) but it's small and I love how easy it is to install new drives. I had a homegrown WHS during beta but I'm preferring the OEM version for some reason.

Oh, and the Firefly iTunes server is awesome.

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